Solo Works




Composed by Caroline Shaw, 2009

Recorded May 12th, 2019

Cambridge, MA


Sept Papillons Mvmts 1,2, & 4

Composed by Kaija Saariaho, 2000

Recorded December 29th, 2018

Boston, MA


Tolga Yayalar - Vestiges of time (excerpts)

Composed by Tolga Yayalar, 2015.

Performed live March 2nd, 2017 with the BGSU New Music Ensemble.



Composed by Andrew Norman, 2008-2009. Recorded January 2018, Bryan Recital hall, Bowling Green, Ohio.


On PLants and Consciousness: Mvmt. 1-Light

Composed by Jonathan Booker, 2015. Performed & recorded live by Gramm Drennen in 2017.


CHamber works


Double Sided - Yimin Wu

Filmed and Edited by Nick Zoulek.

Written by Yimin Wu, Directed by Brad Morris, Conducted by Mercedes Diaz.

Lotuses: Alicia Berryhill and Hannah Stroth. Dragonfly: Crystal Lau

Gramm Drennen, cello; Ariel Magno da Costo, Piano

Written for the 2018 BGSU MicroOperas

Coordinated by Hillary LaBonte


Sunshower - Emily Mcpherson

Sunshower: for Cello and Piano by Emily McPherson

Commissioned and Premiered by Gramm Drennen

Recorded live in Conrad Room, March 18th, 2018

Hannah Bossner, Piano


Sarah Kirkland Snider - unremembered v. the slaughterhouse

Performed & Recorded live at the 2017 Bowling Green New Music Festival

Premiere of the version for Shara Nova and the BGSU New Music Ensemble


A Thought - Kory Reeder

Filmed and Edited by Nick Zoulek

Written by Kory Reeder, Directed by Carolyn Fagerholm, Conducted by Alexander Popovici.

Mind: Alissa Plenzler. Heart: Hayley Hoss. Eyes: Rachel Thornsberry. Hands: Alexandra Hegedus. Anima: Adelle Blauser (

Brandi Main, violin; Gramm Drennen, cello; Steven Naylor, Piano

Written for the 2018 BGSU MicroOperas

Coordinated by Hillary LaBonte